Here is some interesting things I found after watching the Good Mythical Morning episode

I did a little researching on the wonderful and sometimes accurate sea of information we call the internet and found a few of these interesting ‘pretend countries’. Lets take The principality of Sealand, a nation on a rig. It is TINY (I don’t know why I capitalized that) It was an illegal offshore British rig in the lonely ocean.0027f71f00000258-3493073-image-m-38_1458042333177

Sealand is in it’s own words,  ” founded as a sovereign Principality in 1967 in international waters, seven miles off the eastern shores of Britain.”( It’s kind of a pseudo nation that isn’t internationally recognized and doesn’t have any international power but the people there claim they are sovereign.

Another example of one of these so declared “nations” is liberland, Their goal is stated in the preamble of their very own constitution ”

We, the Citizens of the Free Republic of Liberland, in order to secure Life, Liberty and Property, for ourselves and future generations, do ordain and establish the Constitution of the Free Republic of Liberland, attempting a harmonious consensus for the benefit of all those willing to assume responsibility over the course of their lives.” 

Here is a diagram for such a small nation image description

It’s a lofty ambitious goal for such a small nation. But maybe one day they will achieve it.

Lets make this clear, they are not illegitimate because they are small, vatican city is internationally sovereign and is well, a tiny cultural reserve or just one big church. This is Vatican cityimage8a in its full glory:

These so called nations exist because nobody pays attention to them. If some nation did however things could get ugly. Sealand went through some tumultuous times in a legal struggle that involved the military and the “president” of Liberland was detained in Croatia. It’s pretty risky business starting a country nowadays. But even so these micronations live on. Perhaps one day I will start a nation, for now I wish these budding nations good luck. Godspeed.

Reddit’s dark secret . . .


Disclaimer: the following is a massive storm of especially incoherent thoughts, read at risk of sever confusion, painful run on sentences and perfectly normal migraines.


Reddit is supposed to be “the front page of the internet”, that great mosh pit of uninformed ideas and the haters that bash them down with more BS. It’s supposed to be neutral, with everyone able to voice any opinion they want and throw it to the wind. Because didn’t we just have a YYYYUUUUGE (very big) fight over it in the whole FTC vs internet net neutrality thing. That’s basically why I am allowed to post nonsense and not get banned from the internet. Because it is neutral, and Reddit is supposed to reflect that . . . right?

Now on the surface their upvote downvote system is all great and glorious but there is that one problem with all voting systems, the voters themselves. Now, because i’m seeming anti democracy  some redneck who misunderstood the constitution is probably coming for me. Before you go cheer on that redneck hear me out okay.

People like their junk food. It’s good, its addictive, it’s cancerous. Junk food for thought, like regular junk food, makes you feel good. Which is great, I always need that boost to ever contain any sort of esteem. But there is a problem WHEN YOU GET WHOLE SUBREDDITS THAT ARE BASICALLY SAFE-SPACE TRIGGER-SAFE SOMETHING-SAFE SPACE.(lonely is triggered) It creates these idea mirrors that just reflect back what you think. “Echo chambers” perhaps? The most popular opinions get boosted to the top while the unpopular opinion, which people need their healthy dose of, is send spiraling to the bottom. So posts get these floods of conformation bias while my  post is sitting at the bottom of the sub with -11 votes. THIS IS SO STUPID WHY IS IT A THING.

As Harvard law professor Cass Sunstein put it,

The mere discussion of, or deliberation over, a certain matter or opinion in a group may shift the position of the entire group in a more radical direction.

Everyone has to take a stand a some point in life, will it be an informed opinion or just extremist herd zeal like the “not my president protests” (hint: he is).

Why is knowledge a sin?

The whole fruit of knowledge thing in the bible seems a bit . . .fishy. It’s implying that gaining knowledge is “undesirable” and shouldn’t be a goal. Now, what I find weird is that the bible is built on facts and assumptions with limited proof. And it coincidentally tells people to  . . . not gain knowledge because it will have consequences?  What?! I must say whoever first wrote the hebrew scriptures was clever. Implementing it’s own method of approval and having an internal method to prevent doubt. But I can’t see how so many smart people across thousands of years have no realized this off correlation. When you search up “bible on knowledge” you get a lot bible quotes and readings such as “An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great. The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him. The lot puts an end to quarrels and decides between powerful contenders. A brother offended is more unyielding than a strong city, and quarreling is like the bars of a castle. …”

Right . . . lets take a look at the Old testament shall we?

“You may freely eat of every tree of the garden; 17but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall die.’”

Yeah, you can have every food, except the one that gives you knowledge. Real hypocritical. I thought they said the bible was all written by one guy: God. Through men. So tell me about this ah, slight miscommunication between genesis 2 and proverb 18. Anyone? No? Okay then. . .

Alright that wraps up just a random thought.

You’re taking advanced math, so what?

So You’re Taking Advanced Math. So What?

When you get to around seventh grade there are these so called “brilliant” students who take math at around a ninth-grade or tenth-grade level. They make a living by memorizing π and flaunting their extreme math skills to us “average” students, and believe me, it’s VERY VERY ANNOYING!!! Especially because they’re bragging about a skill that they will most certainly not need later in life. So in truth, they want to have bragging rights, but as us “average” students know, they don’t. In a few years, their calculus prowess will not matter, and no one will care about it.

 The only reason these “brilliant” students care about their advanced math courses so much is because they are stupidly farsighted and under the false impression that being able to do calculus in their sleep will get them a better future. But they have clearly been brainwashed by our crumbling educational system. As G. V. Ramanathan said in the Washington Post: “Unlike literature, history, politics and music, math has little relevance to everyday life. That courses such as ‘Quantitative Reasoning’ improve critical thinking is an unsubstantiated myth. All the mathematics one needs in real life can be learned in early years without much fuss. Most adults have no contact with math at work, nor do they curl up with an algebra book for relaxation.” He is definitely correct. And so my message to these “brilliant” students is as follows: Okay, sure you can do some really advanced math. That’s cool. But if you’re not going to need it later in life, what’s the point? Perhaps it’s time to rework our school system so that students like you can actually learn some relevant skills. And if you want to take high school math courses, fine. Do it for fun on the weekends. (With no bragging involved)

Disclaimer: This post was written (except for a few minor edits) by a friend and I take no credit for this 10/10 writing


What is pastafaranisim?   Their website

Well its a “religion” where people worship an all knowing spaghetti deity. Odd right? but then again why not. Other churches have the same amount of evidence of their deity as  the pastafarians. In fact the may have done more. Where some churches take money “for heaven”  while they are really just trying to run you dry. While the pastafarians on kiva have donated 3,342,825 dollars. Okay, maybe that’s not as much as the atheism group on Kiva but its still pretty impressive and no doubt extremely helpful. Other churches however have a history of well, killing, conquering, enslaving etc. Not exactly a huge plus for their reputation. So why not become a pastafaranist and worship the giant spaghetti monster or something.

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I’m just gonna practice some writin’

A description of duopolis , a city that mostly exists in my mind although has its parallels to Brandon Mulls zeropolis. (well actually its just an elaboration but whatever)

Enter the powerhouse of duopolis, a massive beast with only one thing in its vision, Industry. It is a spectacle of tacky bright billboards pasted on towering grimy black towers. Pipes run through the streets carrying dubious chemicals to and from OMEGACO factories. The sky is darkened, the air choked with a black fog. People frantically scurry across the many catwalks and pathways suspended above the tarnished jungle of pipes underneath. You look up, and see smokestacks bursting with a thick haze, and corporate towers with their black tinted windows. Behind them the heads of companies scheme and plan the future of us lower class dwellers in secret. What was not secret? that class system. It was quite literal, the higher you lived, the higher class you were. Above the black clouds where the air sharp and pure, where the sky is crystal blue and where every surface is blessed by the divine sun, cast in warm gold hue. They dwell in penthouses, that go on for acres, tended to by and army of servants and butlers. A life of luxury is what is bestowed upon the owners of the towers. The aristocracy need not get dust on their fine suits nor grime on their pearl white gloves. The smog concealing the horrible lives of the workers below.

On the floors below the penthouses the middle class packed themselves in. Although nothing compared to the aristocracy they lived in furnished homes with comfy beds, couches and computers. They had nice hot showers and warm running water in their home. Pretty mediocre. Below them at the lowest levels lived the poor. Most people were poor, the bottom 90%. They worked the factories, maintained the pipes, they were the oil on which the engine of the city ran.  For them, they stayed in their small boxes. Tiny apartments with a spartan finish. A simple metal bed and a few personal belongings. It was a cruel caste system on which the city ran.

Yeah, that just came out of my mind. Perhaps I will set some short stories in this city. I think it is the ideal city for the future. Yes, a bit impersonal and crude but very efficient. This is the future of humanity.









which type is most likely to ..

what type of villian is every mbti type? just a thought experiment:

mastermind- intj

mad scientist- intp

dictator- entj

con man- entp

con mastermind- infj

hoax creator- enfj

fake banker (steals all their moeny) infp

embezzler- enfp

istj- corrupted lawyer

isfj- lets be honest they don’t have the guts anyway

estj- corrupt judge

esfj- another gutless type

isfp- assassin

istp- an even better assassin

esfp- the undercover assassin who becomes your friend before killing you

estp- rambo who shoots everyone they see


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Make like a tree . . .

So, my last post got me thinking about this post contemplating the life of an intelligent plant. Lets say that a plant was conscious for a second. What would it feel like. I think it would be pretty boring, but when I brought this topic up to a friend (yeah, we contemplate the life of a tree together) he thought that would just make any conscious being go into a massive lucid dream. With a made up language, reality and a rich imagined culture. But then there is the point that trees may actually have more senses then us. They have an acute sense of gravity, light, water and nutrients. Of course we have the same senses but are not stimulated all the time. So that gets me thinking about how trees communicate. Through chemicals. It must be very slow communication. It’s like sending a telegraph vs texting. If I were a tree (because contemplating being a tree) I would probably spend the entire time being bored anyway.

Those are my thoughts on being a tree . . .

Happy Martin Luther King jr day (featuring 0 and a sentient tree)

Its 12:47 AM, Martin Luther King day. And for some reason I have made the choice to write a blog post. Yep. life choices. . . I’m going to try something different this time. Instead of suffering form perfectionism and finding the arbitrary “right topic”  I’m simply going to write about whatever rant pops into my head right now.

3. . .
2. . .
1 . . .

0? 0 is such an odd concept. It wasn’t even conceived until a bunch of Indian mathematicians thought it up way after all the other numbers had been comprehended (actually don’t quote me on that AT ALL) But I can see why its hard. Like, comprehending the nothingness of what is not there was unprecedented. The fact that we as minuscule mortal beings and comprehend novel concepts such as infinity, eternity and nothing is actually quite amazing. The fact that I know the different between existence and nonexistence is amazing. I wonder how it must feel to be an animal. To not be able to comprehend your own existence. It would be like sleepwalking the whole time. Oh! but I read from some study that plants have shown to have a similar level of intelligence to animals. Also they have memories and one of them could do complicated math to find out exactly how much starch to use per hour. I think it was like a weed or something. Anyway it must be pretty boring to be a plant thought. I mean think about it. Even if they had consciousness . . . it would be a pretty boring life. They have pretty limited senses and live for very long. So, it would amount to a pretty boring existence.

Whoa, how the heck did I get from the concept of 0 to contemplating the life of a sentient plant. The intuitive mind makes great leaps into the abyss of thought.

Well, I need some sleep now so i’m signing off . . .

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“For your future”



“Do this for a better future”, “If you do X it will give you a better future” , “Get into X job/college to give you a better life”. Society is based on the future. We become increasingly worried of the future as we grow older. We are taught from the very first days of childhood to obsess over it. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” But what is life? It is as Allen Saunders put it ” life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.”

Because that’s what it really is. We have a limited amount of time in our lives, a VERY countable number of weeks, as tim urban at waitbutwhy said. (  It’s about what you do in these moments, an infinity small slice of infinity.

The human lifespan used to be 22. As we advanced our technology allowed us to look and plan further into the future. But this has made many of us farsighted to some degree. We plan and see the future in our minds, blind to the now we live in. If you always sacrifice the now for the future, then understand that someday, on your deathbed,  there will be a now, but no future. Looking back, you had either lived a full happy and balanced life, milking every moment of life until it was dry. Or you lived an entire life sacrificing, working, planning for the future, but there is no more future to go to now . . . your entire life has essentially been leading to this moment of now but not later. What will you think?

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans”   – Allen Saunders