What is pastafaranisim?   Their website

Well its a “religion” where people worship an all knowing spaghetti deity. Odd right? but then again why not. Other churches have the same amount of evidence of their deity as  the pastafarians. In fact the may have done more. Where some churches take money “for heaven”  while they are really just trying to run you dry. While the pastafarians on kiva have donated 3,342,825 dollars. Okay, maybe that’s not as much as the atheism group on Kiva but its still pretty impressive and no doubt extremely helpful. Other churches however have a history of well, killing, conquering, enslaving etc. Not exactly a huge plus for their reputation. So why not become a pastafaranist and worship the giant spaghetti monster or something.

Tis done. Here is a link to my twitter (click here) and if you want more of these incoherent thoughts you can subscribe by email up on the top right. Bye.

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