I’m just gonna practice some writin’

A description of duopolis , a city that mostly exists in my mind although has its parallels to Brandon Mulls zeropolis. (well actually its just an elaboration but whatever)

Enter the powerhouse of duopolis, a massive beast with only one thing in its vision, Industry. It is a spectacle of tacky bright billboards pasted on towering grimy black towers. Pipes run through the streets carrying dubious chemicals to and from OMEGACO factories. The sky is darkened, the air choked with a black fog. People frantically scurry across the many catwalks and pathways suspended above the tarnished jungle of pipes underneath. You look up, and see smokestacks bursting with a thick haze, and corporate towers with their black tinted windows. Behind them the heads of companies scheme and plan the future of us lower class dwellers in secret. What was not secret? that class system. It was quite literal, the higher you lived, the higher class you were. Above the black clouds where the air sharp and pure, where the sky is crystal blue and where every surface is blessed by the divine sun, cast in warm gold hue. They dwell in penthouses, that go on for acres, tended to by and army of servants and butlers. A life of luxury is what is bestowed upon the owners of the towers. The aristocracy need not get dust on their fine suits nor grime on their pearl white gloves. The smog concealing the horrible lives of the workers below.

On the floors below the penthouses the middle class packed themselves in. Although nothing compared to the aristocracy they lived in furnished homes with comfy beds, couches and computers. They had nice hot showers and warm running water in their home. Pretty mediocre. Below them at the lowest levels lived the poor. Most people were poor, the bottom 90%. They worked the factories, maintained the pipes, they were the oil on which the engine of the city ran.  For them, they stayed in their small boxes. Tiny apartments with a spartan finish. A simple metal bed and a few personal belongings. It was a cruel caste system on which the city ran.

Yeah, that just came out of my mind. Perhaps I will set some short stories in this city. I think it is the ideal city for the future. Yes, a bit impersonal and crude but very efficient. This is the future of humanity.










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