Make like a tree . . .

So, my last post got me thinking about this post contemplating the life of an intelligent plant. Lets say that a plant was conscious for a second. What would it feel like. I think it would be pretty boring, but when I brought this topic up to a friend (yeah, we contemplate the life of a tree together) he thought that would just make any conscious being go into a massive lucid dream. With a made up language, reality and a rich imagined culture. But then there is the point that trees may actually have more senses then us. They have an acute sense of gravity, light, water and nutrients. Of course we have the same senses but are not stimulated all the time. So that gets me thinking about how trees communicate. Through chemicals. It must be very slow communication. It’s like sending a telegraph vs texting. If I were a tree (because contemplating being a tree) I would probably spend the entire time being bored anyway.

Those are my thoughts on being a tree . . .


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