Happy Martin Luther King jr day (featuring 0 and a sentient tree)

Its 12:47 AM, Martin Luther King day. And for some reason I have made the choice to write a blog post. Yep. life choices. . . I’m going to try something different this time. Instead of suffering form perfectionism and finding the arbitrary “right topic”  I’m simply going to write about whatever rant pops into my head right now.

3. . .
2. . .
1 . . .

0? 0 is such an odd concept. It wasn’t even conceived until a bunch of Indian mathematicians thought it up way after all the other numbers had been comprehended (actually don’t quote me on that AT ALL) But I can see why its hard. Like, comprehending the nothingness of what is not there was unprecedented. The fact that we as minuscule mortal beings and comprehend novel concepts such as infinity, eternity and nothing is actually quite amazing. The fact that I know the different between existence and nonexistence is amazing. I wonder how it must feel to be an animal. To not be able to comprehend your own existence. It would be like sleepwalking the whole time. Oh! but I read from some study that plants have shown to have a similar level of intelligence to animals. Also they have memories and one of them could do complicated math to find out exactly how much starch to use per hour. I think it was like a weed or something. Anyway it must be pretty boring to be a plant thought. I mean think about it. Even if they had consciousness . . . it would be a pretty boring life. They have pretty limited senses and live for very long. So, it would amount to a pretty boring existence.

Whoa, how the heck did I get from the concept of 0 to contemplating the life of a sentient plant. The intuitive mind makes great leaps into the abyss of thought.

Well, I need some sleep now so i’m signing off . . .

Well that’s a wrap. How about another binge read:


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