From darkness to day,

Darkness to day,
the world always prays.
For some disastrous storm,
or another catastrophic form.
We cling to a thin rope,
one made of fictitious hope.
That someday it’ll better,
but really it will never.
If it isn’t one thing its another,
always we the world will suffer.
But not because of a devil oh no,
not because of our own to and fro.
But the universe is random,
and unlike a fandom,
Days aren’t simple plots,
no great heroes are sought,
no glass pure rivers,
no dark scare shivers,
no sweeping grassland plains,
no, life is not so simple and plain.
Things occur by chance,
not miracle circumstance.
Yet still from darkness to day,
the world will always pray.

My incoherent twitter thoughts:


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