Happy new year

Oh, the new year, new opportunities, old reflection and a celebration of the earth going around the sun for the 2017 time in human history. Wait no, make that 12017. In 1993 Cesare Emiliani wanted to change the official calendar from 2017 to 12017. Just adding ten thousand years. Why?

A) There is no 0 AD. Seriously, there is no year 0. So anything with BC becomes even more confusing.

B) It’s based off the birth of Jesus Christ. This itself is subjective according to who you ask and is a date linked strictly to western Christianity. What about every other culture which was part of history? Shouldn’t their outlook have a say.

C) To continue off of point B. The Egyptians, Romans, Mesopotamian all are included in the “negative” BC years. Having only 2000 years means we only focus on the two thousand years after the arbitrary “birth” of Jesus Christ. When in reality most of human history was before that. Just not specifically western history.

D) Changing the letters to BCE (before common era) and CE (common era) doesn’t change anything. It’s still a specific religious date and you are disguising it with bad makeup.

E) It makes us feel more FOMO than we need to. “We are only in the second millennium of human history. Think about all the stuff that will happen after us . . .” Actually no. We are in the twelfth millennium since humans started creating shelter, which is arguably the first technology. We actually stand on the cumulative work of twelve thousand years of collective human discovery, thought and work. This isn’t to say that the future doesn’t hold amazing things. But to twelve thousand years of humans, we are the unimaginable future.

We should really be celebrating the cumulative work of thousands of years of human achievement. Not just the birth of one guy. That would be like starting to celebrate your birthday only once you turned 18. The birth of humanity was way before whatever comes between 1 BC and 1 AD (remember there is no 0 AD) It happened ten thousand years before then. We shouldn’t let ten thousand years of human civilization be overlooked should we?

Well, that was a pretty obvious rhetorical question. It was an obvious egg clause. What is an obvious egg clause? Here you go: https://cunfuzzledblog.wordpress.com/2016/12/24/obvious-eggs/

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