the twisted tracks of time


A bite sized thought:

Image result for roller coaster

Whoooo! A collective exclamation rose from the passengers of “rocket” 2 in the space mountain ride at Disney. As it writhed and twisted it’s shaken cargo to the end of the ride a sigh of “I made it” spread through the roller coaster car. I just made it through the “scariest” ride in Disney. It was one hell of a ride. Ups downs, twists, all in pitch black. G’s pressing you one way or another at the drop of a dime in the dark. This is how we humans will finally arrive at the future. There will be unexpected turns, intense moments but as humanity we will, albeit a little rattled get there. No, the world probably wont end by any predictions today.(As I type I’m now worrying about an EMP though) Just like a 5000 year mayan calender didn’t predict the end. Or the prophets in 1800 or (insert your favorite doomsday prediction here). But, lack of oil, plague, war. Those could be some unexpected turns in the track of time. Let’s try not to fall out of the car during those devilish flips.

TL;DR : We will probably make it to “the future” but there are REAL turns and setbacks.

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