An open letter to haters,

An open letter to haters,


Haters, that irrational idiotic cancer of the internet. These grammarless, illogical savages will put down anything and everything to make their nonexistent souls a little less butthurt about the world. Y’know, there’s a place called the dead sea. A sea so salty that no life can sustain itself in or anywhere near its salty waters. Just like the dead sea, these haters are like the forever lone salt crystals. They look good, or this case logical, from afar. But don’t taste one because a) it’s gross, and b) dehydrates you and in large amounts is lethal. Apparently, they possess a higher logic in which they can view all logical possibilities.

They stick on the sidelines in the game of life or watching on TV being suffocated by their couch as the cushions crumble under their immense beer belly weight. Rather watch and critique the game rather than actually play right? Well then stay on the sidelines, but don’t come out onto the playing field. This is where things actually change! No, you wouldn’t want that, would you? This playing field is where actual risk to put one’s self out there is taken. Where people await your triggered tangents and prissy wraths.

While I’m at it I might as well refute radical feminists as well. They are probably being triggered by the use of “prissy” right now. Well, that’s all great and good. Because if they stopped spewing their slew of insults toward said “privileged” peoples, then they will get the same treatment. But playing the victim card does not equate to a ceasefire. So I’m just going to keep rolling.

Now all the aspiring roasters/ricegums of the world. Stop. It’s time to stop. It is not necessary to add yet more cringe onto already cringey things. I hope you already understand it’s not doing anything remotely “good”.

*But omg it’s calling out cringey content and-

Yes, it is calling out cringey content, WITH MORE CRINGEY CONTENT.


Cringey content + time = improvement.


Cringey content + more cringey content = DOUBLE THE CRINGE!


Now hopefully either nobody will read this or some really butthurt, salty, cringe master, hater reads . . . and leaves.



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