Obvious eggs


Obvious eggness


I remember one easter, I woke up early bird, jumping out of bed and immediately going on a witch-hunt for the eggs. WHERE WERE THEY! I recall specifically eyeing every nook and cranny in the house. Every niche and every dark corner, none left my ever watchful eye. But there was one egg that did. The one that I overlooked, not by being too hard to find, but too easy. It was right in front of my face in the living room the entire time. I spent hours looking for that last egg. An endeavor which to me seemed like putting a man on the moon. IT MUST HAPPEN! But oh, that bright orange egg. It sat there patiently as a paced across the room, inspecting dark nooks clogged with dust, forgotten for years to come. That egg patiently waited. The most obvious of the obvious, hiding in the plainest of sight.

At last, almost lunch time I spotted the egg. Right in the middle of my face. My eyes just inches away from it yet I had not noticed just moments before. How had I missed it so much? My seven-year-old self was bewildered and I obviously concluded that it grew legs and moved about. But no. It probably wasn’t magic (Probably) but it was so obvious that I simply missed it.

Now how does this have to do with modern society? Well, we humans seem to be able to make decisions and choices that in hindsight, the answer was staring at you right in the face! That pesky math problem that seemed able to stump the greatest minds on test day now became the work of a kindergartener. In politics, while delving deep into the political sciences the league of nations overlooked the fact that two borderless nations that bordered each other would have some “minor” disputes. This obvious egg actually lead to the disaster that we have today in the middle east. 

Now how do we solve this plague of the human condition (the metaphorical one not the literal one). Well simply, we don’t (well there’s always Adderall). But there seems to be no way to solve this issue of the human condition in which we humans are in the moment INCAPABLE of solving what in the next moment becomes an unconscious task. We ask ourselves, oh stupid brain, WHY! But there is no cure. Death is the only cure. And side effects of death include; ceasing to exist. Its no good either. So we are stuck with ourselves these burdensome flawed vessels of flesh. Oh, well guess we just need to live it out.


 Death is the only cure . . . and it’s no good either. 


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